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Let's Make a Difference

“When it comes to our schools, staying on the path we’re on will not solve our problems. Our children are at stake. They are our treasures. I promise to fight for their futures by getting back to the basics. Nothing else is more important.”

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    Pauline's Mission

    Academics first!


    Sometimes blessings come in disguise, and there is ONE blessing that has come out of the Covid shutdowns: When children “went to school” online, parents actually had a chance to see what they were being taught – and they were horrified! 

    That’s why I’ve decided to run for
    Moore County School Board.

    Here's what I believe: 


    Children should be educated,
    not indoctrinated.

    “Academics First” is my motto. Our children are having difficulty reading at grade level, counting change, and understanding basic concepts. Current results from student test scores are shockingly below par. Moore County Schools should be focused on teaching our children to read and succeed at STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

    Today, too much time is spent on social indoctrination. Critical Race Theory and personal social (i.e., sexual) surveys divide our children into genders, cultures, or groups. These need to be kept out of our schools. What makes America and Moore County great is all of us working together to use our talents and skills to benefit our children. 


    Parents are the School Board’s equals,
    not its enemies.


    I am very pro-parent and am in lockstep with every parent and grandparent who has children in our schools. I see the way parents are removing their children from public schools by the thousands due to indoctrination, lack of safety, and even discouragement from exploration and discovery. 

    Parents who care about what’s happening to their children while they’re in school – whether it’s teaching about Critical Race Theory, riotous fighting, safety issues, or making them take surveys about their sex lives – should be able to voice their concerns and be heard and understood by members of the School Board.

    Bottom line:


    Our American community is being hurt by the lack of education our children are receiving and total disregard for the parents. 30+ years of doing the same things over and over are not solving our problems. I totally relate to the challenges our teachers face every day. I fully believe in the public education system. 

    Help me save Moore County schools.  

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